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Cannabis sativa

sativa-cannbis-mystic-pizza- Up until 1883, 75% of the world's paper products were made of Cannabis Sativa
- In the second half of the 16th century farmers were fined if they did not cultivate Cannabis
- In the U.K, 80% of the woodpulp is imported from Canada and Scandinavia, destroying their magnificient ecosystems and forests.
- One Cannabis Sativa harvest produces 4 times the amount of raw material for paper as an equally sized forest.
- Trees need 20 years to mature for pulp harvesting where Cannabis requires only 4 months.
- Cannabis requires no pesticides because it is an insect repellant.
- Cannabis does not need weed killer because it grows at such a fast rate, weeds can't compete with it's growth.
- Paper made from Cannabis doesn't need chlorine bleaching, which seriously pollutes our rivers and water systems.

We wish, that Greece will finally allow the cultivation of Organic Cannabis not only for environmental but also for economic reasons..

Up until 1940 more than ten factories produced tons of thread filbers from Cannabis mostly for export in this country.